Website packages and options

We provide a complete package to clients, including concise, well-written copy, excellent photos, domain names and arrangements for hosting.

There are many fantastic-looking sites on the 'net' but, at the same time, a fair number have very poor editorial content.

Being involved in publishing, we know that many of the rules that apply in that industry apply to the 'net' - the site must be well laid out with good use of colour, and must have a clear identity reflecting the client's business or interest.

Through our years of experience we know what makes a 'good' photograph. Using the latest in digital SLR photography and associated software, we can produce stunning photos to accompany the copy.

We will provide you with a choice of domain names, then we will design your site, indicating how many pages will be required.

We can offer you the option of updating your website yourself through a content management system or we can carry out updates for you.

Our sites are hosted by one of the largest of such companies in Europe and provide you with a personalised e-mail address through your own website.

Please contact us for a quotation.